Immerse yourself in a trip to the Andalusian past of Vejer. Our intimate and cozy Hammam is located in a historic enclave, between what was the old Mosque (now the Church of the Divino Salvador of Vejer) and the Alcazaba (the town’s Castle of Arab origin).


The Vejer Hammam is a blend of traditional Roman baths and Moroccan hammam with a caldarium (hot bath), tepidarium (warm bath), frigidarium (cold bath) and a steam room. There is also a chill out area under a domed atrium where you can serve yourself a cool drink or a traditional mint tea. Additionally a small treatment room is available for massages.

A typical session at the Vejer Hammam will start with a relaxing session in the tepidarium followed by the caldarium. From there bare it all in the steam room to open the pores; lather yourself in ‘savon noir’ an olive oil–based black soap and scrub down with sea salt to remove dead skin. Finally get immersed in the cool of the frigidarium for an invigorating finish. The result? Silky-smooth skin and a refreshed feeling that can beat even the hottest of days in Andalucía.

Enjoy the Vejer Hammam as you wish, you can move around any of the areas at your own pace. If you really need the heat enjoy the steam room for longer or if you have a cold water fetish you can seriously chill under the starlit dome.

Duration: 90 minutes.


The décor, elegant and luxurious, is the work of the interior designer Ellie Cormié. A warm atmosphere, natural fibres, luxurious textiles, bronze, teak and earthy tones are the essence of the Vejer Hammam. All the details of the interior have been hand crafted by artisans in Marrakesh and Andalucia from the delicate woodwork to the traditional brass lamps and the sumptuous textiles.

The history of the Hammam

There was a time when hammams numbered in their hundreds in mediaeval Al-Andalus. Rooted in the ancient traditions of Roman and Greek cultures they were more than simply a place for hygiene and relaxation, they were also a place for meeting, gathering and a space to care for the body and the spirit.

Whilst the Romans built their bath houses as huge complexes for local civilians to gather and gossip, the hammam is a smaller more intimate design, built for tranquillity and purification. As they grew in popularity across the region these beautiful bathhouses were commonly found next to mosques and medinas.

Health benefits

Visiting the Vejer Hammam is a beneficial experience not just for your body but also for your mind. Immersions in water of different temperatures including hot and very cold combined with the steam from the Turkish bath not only provide relaxation and inner well-being, but they also have many physical benefits;

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Hot water and steam baths can help improve the cardiorespiratory system, since by forcing the lungs to ventilate more, there is an increase in their oxygen exchange capacity. In addition, the steam opens up the airways and so relieves nasal congestion in colds or bronchitis, calms coughs and other respiratory conditions.

Steam baths

Steam baths provoke peripheral dilation of the blood vessels, exercising the venules and capillaries. This stimulates circulation and, as the pores of the skin open up, toxins are eliminated.

Cold water therapy

Wim Hof method and cold water therapy can help improve your circulation, deepen your sleep, spike your energy levels, and reduce inflammation in your body.

Reducing stress

Overall the combination of different temperatures provides a great feeling of general well-being throughout the body. A 90 minutes session with us is ideal for reducing stress, anxiety and will help you rest at night.

Technical specification

Our Hammam focuses on sustainability and it’s equipped with the most advanced technology.

Aerothermal pumps move water between the pool and the heat exchangers – this system uses 10 times less energy than conventional heating.

The pools use saline electrolysis where chlorine is generated directly in the water and treated with an electrolytic process. Saline chlorination is a system that respects the health and environment. Because it is a natural antiseptic, contact with the water does not give rise to the usual unpleasant eye and skin irritations. Another advantage of saline chlorination is that treatment is based on two natural non-polluting elements, water and salt. It is also enriched with iodine that activates melanin.

Our installation:

  • Tepidarium (warm bath) / 40.000 litres capacity / temperature 30º- 35º. This pool gives a relaxing session that provides a great thermal contrast.
  • Caldarium (hot bath) / 20.000 litres capacity / temperature 38º – 42º. As a result of the heat, your blood vessels dilate which helps to improve circulation.
  • Frigidarium (cold water) / 4.000 litres capacity / temperature 8º – 12º. Now it’s time to close all the skin pores that have been opened. This pool can be combined with a hot bath.
  • The steam room is a 14m2 room heated to 45º with 100% humidity, in which you or your partner can massage yourself with special soap and invigorating salts before they are washed away with hot water.